The Unknown Pandemic

Saransh Pandya
4 min readFeb 19, 2021

Covid-19 has shown this generation what pandemic looks like. But covid-19 isn’t the only pandemic we are going through. Yes, there is another one which has been with us long before covid-19. It’s mental health crisis. Loneliness, depression and anxiety, these are the symptoms of this mental health pandemic.

Over the years this problem has become serious, enough to pay attention till we have time.

You might have guessed that I would bring social media in this article and you are right because social media has become a key player in this. Of Course who can deny the fact that social media has connected the world. But it really disconnected us: us from our closed ones, us from our surrounding, us from nature. It has disconnected us from all those things that matter. People are afraid to talk about their feelings, if they like someone they can’t tell them. Over the years, telling someone about how you feel about them has become a major problem because they just can’t tell them. If you can’t tell someone about your feelings and how do you think your mind would react to that emotion. Even sometimes you do tell them, they think it’s a big deal when it’s not. They don’t talk about it which then triggers negative emotions.

Over the years people have become so obsessed with looks and body that they forget about what really matters. What really matters is that the other person takes care of you, would be there for you when needed, and more. These are the qualities for a person who is right for you because sooner or later you would realise that you lost the moon while counting the stars.

Let me explain a bit more on that. Imagine a boy and a girl. Boy loves the girl and tells her how he feels about her. She replied “I don’t know how to react, can we talk about this tomorrow?”. That tomorrow never comes. This is devastating for him for sure. Overthinking, anxiety and much more.

The Point I am trying to make is, As humans, we all have a moral responsibility to take care of each other’s feelings. Once many people start doing this, the world would become a really happy place.

I am talking about this because of Generation Z (colloquially known as Zoomers), people who are born between 1997 and 2010. Zoomers have a trend of things that don’t matter at all. For instance, showing off on social media, posting some things that they don’t feel but to tell the world that they are depressed (I am guilty of this too). Same way they take relationships Very seriously, like even 12 year olds are posting about their breakup. I am not saying that zoomers don’t have feelings, of course they are humans so they have feelings and they would feel lonely or anxious because these are part of human emotions. But the sad part is no one is teaching them how to manage them. (this argument might be a little confusing).

Sadly, this generation has become so weak that instead of helping each other, they choose to find someone else to talk. Which is terrible. Stop telling yourself that you are right and a good person because at some point in time you might have made someone’s life miserable.

Now let’s talk about the symptom which is LONELINESS. This could be worse. Far more than anyone could realise. No matter how many friends you have, you might have felt loneliness at some point in your life. Loneliness also brings anxiety and in worse cases depression. Over the years this problem has become more and more severe. So what can we do about this problem? Well if you are the one who are going through this then I would recommend to take a step back, relax, rest and try to connect with some old friends. Take some long breaths, do something new. And importantly have patience because it would take some time to get back to normal. Once you get out of this, you won’t be the same person, you could either rebuild yourself as better or worse.

If you are someone who knows someone who is going through this, just sit with them, ask them what’s bothering them, assure them that everything would be fine and you are with them.

No one is perfect, we all have some flaws but if you leave someone because of these flaws without trying and then read this carefully


Everyone is going through some problems. In this scenario we all want someone, just be the person to someone you wanted when you were depressed.

And remember, problems are part of life. But what’s really happening to this generation is when they encounter a certain problem, they seek a distraction which would make them stop thinking about that for a while but remember sooner or later that thing is gonna come and punch you so hard that it would become hard for you to get up. So instead of getting distracted, focus on solving it. And there is nothing that cannot be solved.

Loneliness literally kills, it increases your chances of heart problems. So please take this very seriously. Be the person that the world needs right now.

Thanks for reading :)