Let’s talk about the world!

Saransh Pandya
3 min readFeb 16, 2021

Everyone tries to figure things out at some point in their life. Like what they want to do and who they want to become and where they want to go and things like that. Today the problem with that is people want everything to fall in their hands. Today’s generation has become so naive that they hurt themselves over and over (mostly emotionally).

We try to trust people only to realise that it was a bad idea. After getting hurt like this they probably say “I would never trust a person ever again.”. Same goes to loving someone, if you love someone or care for someone you expect the same from them. You become so nice to them that they think you are weak. Once they think that, they would try to dominate you (because who doesn’t like to feel superior). Yes, I know this is terrible. The person has to go through a lot to get rid of anxiety and later realise that being nice to someone is not a good idea. Then they would do the same thing to someone else.

Now look at the bigger picture, how are we living in this world. Is this the world you wanna live in, where being good brings you pain and misery. Yes, this is terrible but that’s how the world is working right now.

Movies and TV shows are entertaining and are necessary to share some kind of message to the world. The problem lies with us. We watch a show or movie and create false expectations for our life. That’s a problem because that is not how it is supposed to be. Those characters (which you wanna be like) are nothing but someone’s imagination. We watch movies and shows and you like a character and think “Wow, This is who I want to be.”. Sometimes it is practically not possible. But other times, it requires a high amount of work to be like that character that you love. Because of that everyday they think that they are not enough and their self esteem and confidence goes down. Now imagine how that person would act in public. He would feel awkward and his self esteem and confidence would reduce more.

Change is necessary. Stress, anxiety and feelings like that are just ways for your mind to tell you that something is not right and you need to change. It takes time and patience to change and today’s kids or adults do not have patience. The problem is not today’s technology, the problem is how we use it. We get everything so fast that we have lost patience and hate to wait. If your amazon parcel arrives a day late, you would certainly get cracky that you have to wait one more day. Yes, you might think that I just told you that you are enough and now I am telling you to change. Well, let me explain, confidence is necessary if you want to deal with people and change is necessary in order to live. While you are in a process of change, sometimes you need to sit back and tell yourself how proud you are of yourself and you are enough the way you are right now. By telling yourself this you fill your will power which will help you to reach your potential.

All i want to share is:

  1. No one has figured it all out. You figure things out as you move forward.
  2. Be nice and good to other people regardless of how they treated you. Being nice is not weakness because it takes guts and courage to be a nice and good person when you have been through hell.
  3. Don’t create false expectations for your life.
  4. Change is part of life. It is essential for living but sometimes you need to sit back and be proud of yourself in order to refill your will power.

I know I have touched on multiple topics in one article. I would go deeper into those topics in other ones.

I am just 18 right now but all that i have written is from my personal experience.

This is my first article. I just hope that it helped you.

Thanks for reading :)